The Link between Overweight and Knee pains

Common but painful; knee pains are the most common factor in people with obesity. Overweight has many chronic health issues which will show there affect from deep in the body. The extra fat in your body increases the bodyweight which will affect your knees badly, this initially leads to osteoarthritis (joint pains). 
The many reasons behind that knee pains are due to the extra pounds in your body. This stress on knees can be avoided by reducing the weight. Even a single pound of weight loss can give your knees great relief because 1 pound of weight loss is equal to 4 pounds of less stress on the knees.
Over weight increases the inflammation:
Osteoarthritis was considered as wear and tear disease for many years which is caused due to overpressure on knees and finally leads to inflammation. But in fact, inflammation is the key factor that causes more risk. Overweight will increases the risk of osteoarthritis which in turn doubles the inflammation.
Coming to the preventive method: 
Reduce w…

Best Health Benefits with Dark Chocolate

Chocolate is the all-time favorite snack of one and all for decades. The bite of sweet taste and the dark color will always be paramount. But do you even know that the health benefits with the dark chocolate are sweeter than the one with sugar content in it?
Coming straight to the point dark chocolate has more health benefits. It can also help you with your nutritional diet.
Best friend of Nutrition: Dark chocolate with less amount of sugar and more amount of cocoa content is a loaded bite of fiber, iron, magnesium, copper, manganese, with plenty amount of potassium, phosphorus, zinc and selenium. It also has fatty acids and a little amount of caffeine which will not cause any harm not even controls your sleep. That amount is acceptable, because it will not be a barrier to your sleep.
Improves Blood Pressure: In simple words the flavanols in dark chocolate will help the arteries to relax this will maintain the blood flow and controls the pressure. It will not affect your sugar content b…

Women Scientist (The Women of Science Award)

In Arab countries the technology and development are phenomenal. There are on their way to prove them the best among all the aspects. From the world’s tallest building to the world's best hospitals and the world’s richest countries they are on the top of the board. But when it comes to women and their talent enlightenment they are a bit in back step. Women are not allowed to raise their own opinions and be independent.
Western countries give equal importance to both the genders. But it is not the thing in Arab countries. Talent, knowledge, aspiration, individuality should never be unexploited. Women have the ability to stand up as an inspiration and women can change the face of future generations. So they should get the chance to prove themselves.
Days have changed many of them are trying to show up their talent and trying to be independent. But this is just limited to social media and online platforms. The rising sun should never limit the light to a particular limit because the l…

Are vegetarians healthier than Meat Eaters?

This is a controversial question; mostly a debate topic…this question usually ends up with an answer which supports only one side of the coin. But in reality, both of them have equal benefits and drawbacks. Vegetarians may have more health benefits because they don’t consume more food which will take time to digest. In the case of meat-eaters, they do have more bone strength; their diet includes all the animal proteins which are essential for humans.
While getting in-depth into the topic: vegetarians have low BP, low cholesterol levels, low hypertension, and type 2 diabetes when compared with meat-eaters. Vegetarians will have a lower body mass index and have less risk of cancer and they are not mostly affected by diseases that are chronic and harmful to the body. Many kinds of research and studies have proven that vegetarians are less prone to cardiac diseases.
They consume less quantity of fat and cholesterol and more amounts of other vitamins like vitamin C, E, and many other dietary…

5 reasons why your body is not responding to your diet

Many people think that the food which we consume will decide the amount of fat in our body. In fact, this theory will not bring any changes in our bodies. Calories also have different functions in the body. Calories from unsaturated fat and protein will make you feel full for an extended period of time but calories from simple sugars will digest very rapidly. Due to many miss perceptions, people are avoiding food to get into shape. But low-calorie intake will slow down the rate of metabolism to stop the overconsumption of energy and prevents weight loss.
Skip the meals will be the first word that comes when someone thinks about losing weight. The appetite will be increased and decreased due to the chemicals released from our bodies. The weight regulation system will maintain body weight by reducing the metabolism rate, modifies the hunger to stop the body from consuming excess energy. In simple words, you are fighting with your body where your weight should be.
All these studies show th…

Best Tips to Choose Snacks When You Have Diabetes

Diabetes occurs when your blood sugar level increases. It should be treated with immense care. Because sometimes untreated diabetes can leads to death also. Patients suffering from diabetes face a lot of problems when it comes to their diet. It is very difficult to set a diet with nutritional values and low sugar levels.
The diet should include high protein, fiber and healthy fats in it. These components will maintain the blood sugar level. It is also important to focus on the nutritional values of the food. Here are some of the best snack ideas for sugar patients.
·Sliced Apples with Peanut Butter
·Handful of Almonds
·Cheese and Whole-Grain Crackers
·No-Bake Energy Bites
·Homemade Protein Bars
·Hard-Boiled Eggs
·Roasted Chickpeas
Sliced Apples with Peanut Butter: Peanut butter with sliced apples is the best and simple snack to have at any time of the day.Due to the low glycemic index peanuts will not affect the blood glucose level. Peanut butter with apples will be a bag of vit…

Tips to avoid weight gain with yoga

Yoga is now a trending physical fitness booster. It is slowly increasing its roots from India to all over the world. From the USA to Europe everyone is obsessed with yoga.Yoga will support you to build yourself physically, mentally and emotionally which will help you to find the best in you. Regular yoga practice will be an effective tool to maintain a healthy life.
Maintaining a healthy weight with a proper nutritional diet can be achieved with yoga. Studies conducted in 2016 found that people who practice yoga regularly can control their eating routines. A heavy meal before yoga practice will not be the right choice. Changing your daily food routine to light and healthy food will give you the best results. Chewing food thoroughly and eating for more time will make you consume less.
Good sleep with yoga:
Yoga practice can help you sleep more deeply and your ability to fall asleep can be increased with yoga. Without an ideal sleep, there are many side effects that can also lead to obes…