Will it take time to get into shape?

Weight loss is not that easy!!! It takes time to get into shape. This depends on many factors which could include strength, endurance, weight loss, body fat loss, etc. Increasing your physical activity level is likely to make you feel better before you see noticeable results. The advertisements and marketing campaigns might promise miracle weight loss but in fact, it does take a lot of time. If someone says that you can get into shape within 6weeks just run away. Even natural exercises do take time. Some people take less time to put on muscles when compare to others but in fact, everyone cannot be a Dwayne Johnson (The rock) overnight.

Your goals will decide your time in weight loss It all depends on your own goals and the ways you put up to get fit. A good begging will give great results if you fail to put on good efforts you really need to work long to get into shape. There are many numbers of outdoor games that can put you motivated- 5K or 10K running races, marathons, half-marathon…

Ways to avoid Health issues Affecting Millennials

Millennials are the ones who reached young adulthood in the early 21st century. Even though the millennium seems to invest more in health and fitness compared to generations before them, in fact, they will be substantially less healthy as they age. Millennials were 11% less healthy than Gen Xers. Some of the major health conditions which affect Millennia’s are listed below. 1.High cholesterol 2.Major depression 3.Type 2 diabetes 4.Hypertension 5.Hyperactivity 6.Tobacco use disorder 7.Alcohol use disorder These conditions are not majorly surprising what is shocking is the prevalence rates for each of these conditions in millennia when compared to rates for previous generations, is extremely more. Millennia’s when compared with the national population have more behavioral health conditions than physical, which is at high risk of major depression and hyperactivity. The main reason for these conditions is not only one instead they are many reasons behind it. Technological advancement, Media overl…

Will Obesity Leads to Infertility?

It is a known fact that obesity will cause many chronic diseases and sometimes can leads to death also. But nowadays a new question has arrived that will it lead to infertility? Yes!! It also affects fertility. Both men and women have the same risk. In women, the menstrual cycle is regulated by a fine hormonal balance. In the case of overweight and obese women have higher levels of a hormone called leptin, which is produced in fatty tissue. This leptin can disrupt the hormone balance and lead to reduced fertility.
This disruption may lead to irregular menstrual cycles, which in turn reduces fertility. Studies have proven that women with overweight cannot conceive within one year of stopping contraception but in cause women with normal weight range will not have any such problems. Such changes in the menstrual cycle generated by excess weight and obesity also increase the risk of anovulation (when no egg is released by the ovaries).
Many women can ovulate, even with excess weight this wi…

Does ORGANIC FOOD have arsenic levels in it?

Organic food is widely preferred nowadays by people all around. It is produced by standards that are similar to organic farming.The methods may be different but cycle resources, promote ecological balance and conserve biodiversity are similar. So the consumption of organic food will be useful to maintain good health. Nutritional values in organic food are also more when compared to other foods that are produced by using pesticides.
This is one face of organic food. The other face is completely different when it comes to the crops which are harvested beside the highways. The soil is contaminated with substances that hurt the native environment. These substances are not only toxic for plants but also for humans too. As the soil is the “Earth’s Kidney,” contaminates can damage it.
Food maybe produced by traditional methods but the soil in which the crops are grown is contaminated. The crops in America have more arsenic levels then the crops grown in India and Pakistan. This arsenic will sl…

Is it harmful to EAT before bedtime?

Eating late nights is never ideal, but sometimes you don’t have any choice especially when your day is like a marathon. There are many studies on whether eating before sleep will boost up the metabolism or will increase the fat level in the body. This depends on what you eat before going on the bed.
If you have heavy meals with a lot of carbs then this initially leads to fat deposition and may lead to cardiovascular problems. Having low energy food will help in regulating the sugar levels in the blood and also help you with good sleep and leave you waking up hungry in the morning.
Eating lean protein, whole grains, fresh fruits, vegetables, and having a handful of nuts will always be a better choice. In the same way warm milk, crackers can help to drift you off to sleep; the sugar content in them will hit the serotonin in the brain and can aid us to sleep. Even an apple, a bit of almond butter, a piece of sweet potato or something simple and clean.
Full meals before going on to the bed …


Many anti-obesity drugs were banned from the market due to their adverse effects. From ancient times, naturopathic treatment for obesity has been explored widely since early times and gaining momentum in the present scenario.
Active phytoconstituents in ancient medical plants are used to treat obesity and other chronic diseases related to it. Some medical plants were proven with the ability to cure obesity with the bioactive compounds in it. The anti-obesity effect of many plants provided and the actions on the delay of fat absorption, suppression of enzymatic activities, mediation of lipid levels and increase of lipolytic effects, attributed mainly to phenolic compounds.
Medical plants with Anti-obesity property: ·Garlic
·Jack fruit
·ox knee
·Bael fruits
The relation between the medical plants and reactive oxygen species with various diseases are well explained in the ancient studies but in the present day due to lack of knowledge, many people are affected by diseases …

Can consequences with obesity be avoided?

Obesity is caused due to the buildup of fat in the body. Obesity is a serious condition worldwide, where the BMI is more than 30. More than 30% of the world population is affected by obesity. This may be due to changes in lifestyle or medical conditions. So proper weight management through exercise and dieting is not only important but it is very healthy.

Advice for reducing overweight:

·Avoid Packed Food
·Manage Stress
·Get Enough Sleep
·Eat Enough Proteins
·Exercise Regularly
·Consider Supplements
·Healthy Fats
·Reduce Your Carb Intake
Avoid Packed Food: Due to the wide changes in the lifestyle and less lack of knowledge in food consumption. Youth is widely getting attracted to street food. This is unhygienic practice. At the same time, people are showing more interest in the food which is packed this food will be packed before months and will be stored in the store for a few more months until some buy it. So this food may get spoiled, and it will lose its nutritional value.

Manage Stress:  St…